Faith Formation Registration 2017

Faith Formation Programs


Youth Faith Formation: K - 8th grade

Encouraging and assistning children in developing a better understanding of the Bible, our faith's traditions, and a relationship wtih God through a program based on the current week's scripture. Each class begins with whole group prayer and gospel reading, followed by small group learning and reflection according to grade level.

Sundays, 9:45a-11a, 2x a month
St. Mary's, Honeoye

Tuesdays, 6:30p-7:30p, weekly
Hagerty Hall, Livonia

Family Faith Formation: Families with Students 8th grade and younger

All participants meet 1-2x a month for collaborative gospel sharing and parent/guardian/teen led small group learning according to children's grade level. Materials provided for individual family faith formation on non-collaborative weeks.
Sundays, 9a-10:15a, 1-2x a month
Hagerty Hall, Livonia

Senior High Youth Ministry: 9th - 12th grade

Assisting and guiding teens to develop and strengthen their relationship with God and their faith community through a litergy based catechesis. Discussions, reflections, prayers, and community building expereinces are included to encourage the understanding of Jesus' teachings and how to live them today.
Sundays, 7p-8:30p, weekly
Hagerty Hall, Livonia

Homeschool: PreK - 12th grade

USCCB Materials provided to allow for parent-led study and spiritual develoment based on weekly scripture



Faith Formation Programs- $25.00 material fee per student *
Sacramental Preparation Programs- $25.00 material fee per student, per sacrament*
Programs during Mass (Children's Liturgy of the Word & Sharing Stories with Jesus)- No Fee


Please include all required information for your family and your children.  

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