CASE Training

Creating a Safe Environment

Creating A Safe Environment

  • Online training is mandatory for all volunteers 18 years and older.*
  • In person training can be arranged
  • See any below for the online instructions

Retraining for “Creating A Safe Environment is required every 3 years for volunteers.  Training is done online.

*Creating A Safe Environment -  Youth Version: Must be done in person
Mandatory for all youth  volunteers grades 9th-12th
Next workshop date: TBA (as needed)

How to Access Creating a Safe Environment (CASE) Online Training
To access CASE Online, follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (no other web browser will work), and enter
    (There is no www.) 
  2. Click on the “Creating a Safe Environment for Volunteers” box.  Do not register for the on-line learning center. 
  3. Click on the button outlined in Red, “Creating a Safe Environment for Volunteers”
  4. Click the Red button for First-Time Training or Blue for Re-Training.
  5. Enter Log-In Information shown below:

Volunteers completing Initial Training or Re-Training use the same login information.

Parish: St. Matthew, Livonia                                               Parish: St. Mary’s, Honeoye
Username: IT339                                                                  Username: IT260
Password: initial
                                                                  Password: initial
(type the word "initial", not your own initials)                                 (type the word "initial", not your own initials)

Need help? Contact Jennifer Hughes at or 585-270-1338.

**Volunteers under age 18 must complete CASE Training In Person only.**

Instructions for Online CASE Training:

  • Only one volunteer may take the Quiz at a time. Two volunteers taking one quiz is not allowed.
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer (PC or MAC). Do not use tablets or mobile devices. 
  • Use the latest version of Internet Explorer. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari do not support Flash & Java.)
  • Users must have Adobe Flash and Reader installed on their computer. This free software can be found at
  • Users must disable their web browser’s pop-up blocker.
  • Users must be using a computer connected to a printer to print CASE Certificate and Quiz Results. If there is no access to a printer, users may either save the files as a .pdf, take a Screen Shot, or take a photo of said documents and send them to the Parish CASE Coordinator via e-mail. Volunteers may also complete CASE training at a parish or school computer with access to a printer.
  • Volunteers must not create their own account in the Online Learning Center to access CASE.
  • Recommendations:
    • Complete training in 1 hour—volunteers cannot stop half-way and save progress. If the volunteer must stop and experiences technical issues upon return, clear all History, cookies and cache in the browser and start again.
    • Enter the name of the parish/cluster/school community in its entirety along with location. (Do not simply write “St. Mary” as the Diocese has many churches named “St. Mary.”)

      When the volunteer successfully completes CASE Training, they must print their Quiz Results and the Completion Certificate. These documents must be given to the CASE Coordinator.

       For initial training and retraining please print out and return the following forms:

  1. Certificate of Completion or Quiz results
  2. Background check form (RBA) Download pdf here
  3. Volunteer Code of Conduct Download pdf here
  4. Copy of drivers license




Creating a Safe Environment

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